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Insight Quiz

Are you as self-aware as you think (or hope) you are?
Take the Insight Quiz to find out!


How to take the quiz

For each of the statements below, please select the response that best describes how you see yourself.

Try to answer based on your behavior in general, rather than in any particular type of situation (work, home, etc.). With truth comes power, so make sure you’re being objective and honest with yourself!

Remember: Complete your 14-question quiz, enter your info and a friend's info, and once your friend completes the quiz about you, we’ll score it and send you a link to download your report.

I have clearly defined values that outline what is most important to me.

I know what I want out of life.

I can describe my ideal work environment.

I understand what I find the most personally rewarding

I’m clear on the types of situations where I will feel the most satisfied.

My values drive how I approach the world.

I know what activities give me the most joy.

I can generally predict how I will behave in a given situation.

My goals for my career and my personal life are clear to me.

I can see themes in how I tend to behave.

When I fail at something, I usually can figure out what I did wrong.

In any given situation, I feel like I could give an objective assessment of how I’m performing.

I am aware of the impact my actions have on those around me.

When interacting with people, I examine how they respond to me.

There's one more step before your survey is complete!

Remember, to calculate your self-awareness score, we need data from both you and someone who knows you well. If you’ve ever been curious about how other people see you, now’s your chance to find out! This may feel intimidating, but with truth comes power—and we can’t learn the truth without asking.

Please complete the information below. As soon as your friend fills out their quiz, we’ll send you an email link with your report.